Colorful and low-sugar: 6 Holi Recipes with Stevia

One of the oldest and most well-known holidays in India is called Holi, and it usually takes place in March. This event, which is extensively observed across the nation, is distinguished by the use of vibrant colours and water to mark the beginning of spring and the victory of good over evil. The Holi holiday is not just about colours and water; it's also about getting together with loved ones and exchanging pleasure and joy. At this festival, people trade sweets, snacks, and meals that are customarily linked with the event.

Nevertheless, a lot of these traditional Holi dishes contain a lot of sugar, which can be problematic for anyone trying to eat healthily. Natural sugar replacements have become increasingly popular as a way to make Holi foods healthier and more nutrient-dense in recent years. Stevia powder is one such natural sugar alternative. As it has no calories and a low glycemic index, stevia powder is a better option than sugar for people who want to enjoy traditional Holi recipes without sacrificing their health.

We'll go over 7 Holi meals that can be created with Stevia Sweetener in this blog post, making them a better and more wholesome choice for everyone to enjoy. These foods can be made healthy by using Stevia Sweetener without sacrificing flavor or taste. In general, Holi is a festival unites people and honors life's joy. We may enjoy traditional Holi recipes without sacrificing our health by utilizing natural sugar substitute Stevia Powder, ensuring that the celebration is still a time of joy and happiness for everyone.

1. Gujiya:

In India, the Holi is typically celebrated with the preparation of the well- known sweet delicacy “Gujiya”. It is a sweet dumpling formed by putting sugar, almonds, and khoya (milk solids) into a pastry casing. Deep-fried till golden brown, this sweet and mouthwatering treat is then offered hot or at room

Stevia powder can be used in place of sugar if you want to make Gujiya that is healthier. Due to its lack of calories and lack of blood sugar spikes, it is a better substitute for sugar. Stevia powder can be added to the filling mixture before being encased in the pastry shell to form gujiya. After frying, you may also top the gujiya with the powder to give it a sweet flavour without adding any more calories. You won't have to sacrifice flavour in order to make your gujiya healthy, so you may indulge guilt-free in this beloved Holi treat!

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2. Thandai:

A traditional Indian beverage called Thandai is frequently consumed during the Holi It is a cool beverage created from a blend of milk, almonds, and spices. Almonds, cashews, pistachios, saffron, cardamom, fennel seeds, and rose petals are a few of the main components needed to make thandai. To make a sweet and fragrant beverage, all of these components are first soaked in water or milk, crushed into a paste, and combined with cold milk. Stevia powder mixes well with milk and gives the beverage a subtle sweetness without taking away from its flavour.

Simply use Stevia powder in place of sugar while making the thandai mixture. Mix thoroughly to ensure that the powder dissolves entirely, and then adjust the Stevia powder amount to suit your tastes. You may enjoy a healthier thandai that has fewer calories and no artificial sweeteners by using Stevia powder. For those who want to keep up a healthy diet while still taking part in the traditional Holi drink/s, this is a fantastic solution.

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3. Ladoo:

“Ladoo” is a well-known and common Indian confection that is often created with a variety of ingredients, including sugar, almonds, and besan (gramme flour). In India, people enjoy it as a sweet delicacy on different occasions especially during festivities . The confection has a rich and solid texture and is typically fashioned into little, spherical balls. Stevia powder can be used to sweeten the concoction of besan and almonds when making ladoo. Before frying or roasting, combine the Stevia powder with the besan and Once the mixture has cooled, form it into little balls. To give the ladoo balls a sweet flavour, you may also sprinkle the Stevia powder on top of them after shaping them.


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4. Kulfi:

Indians enjoy Kulfi, a popular frozen treat that is comparable to ice cream. It is produced by thickening milk by boiling it, adding sugar, nuts, and flavorings like rose water, saffron, or After being frozen in little cone-shaped moulds or bigger trays, the mixture is then served chilled. When making Kulfi, you can add the Stevia powder while the milk is heating and stirring until it dissolves fully. Depending on how sweet you like things, you can change the Stevia powder dosage. As an alternative, you can add a little sweetness to the Kulfi by sprinkling Stevia powder on top of it before serving.

5. Stevia Sauf cooler:

This is a refreshing drink made with Sauf or fennel seeds and it tastes sweet, salty and tangy at the same time. Its very simple to make, the steps are as follows. In a grinder take some fennel seeds, add some Divine leaves stevia powder, a pinch of elaichi powder and grind this mixture. Take out the mixture in a bowl, add some black salt, some teaspoons of lemon juice and around 1 cup of water in the same bowl and mix it well. Strain this mixture into a jug using a sieve. Pour some ice cubes in a glass and garnish with some lemon slices and add transfer the mixture from jug to the glass and mix it well. You have your refressing stevia sauf cooler drink ready which is health and fun at the same time.

6. Dahi Bhalla:

A staple of Holi, Dahi Bhalla is a well-liked street snack. Lentil fritters are covered with chutneys, spices, and yoghurt before being dipped into a delectable It is a favourite among many because it is the ideal fusion of sweet, tangy, and spicy flavours. Without sacrificing the yogurt's flavour, you can naturally sweeten it by adding Stevia powder in place of sugar. When preparing the meal, you can mix Stevia powder into the yoghurt or top the bhalla with it just before serving. By doing this, you may enjoy a Dahi Bhalla that is reduced in calories and sweetened artificially- free. Furthermore, using low-fat yoghurt in place of full-fat yoghurt will make Dahi Bhalla healthier. Protein and calcium are both abundant in low-fat yoghurt, which also has less calories and less fat than full-fat yoghurt. You can make Dahi Bhalla a healthier and guilt-free snack to enjoy during Holi or any other time of the year by making these minor adjustments to the recipe.

In conclusion, Holi is a time of celebration and indulgence. However, it is also important to take care of our health. By replacing sugar with Stevia powder, we can enjoy traditional Holi dishes without compromising on taste or health. So, this Holi, try these 6 dishes made with Stevia powder and enjoy a healthier and happier celebration with your loved ones.

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