Divine Leaves Dry Rose Petals | Pack of 50g

Divine Leaves Edible Rose petals are selectively handpicked petals of Desi Gulab from our own farms which are thoroughly washed, rinsed and slowly dried in the world’s most energy-efficient and advanced environment-friendly dehydrator ensuring perfect hygiene and making it perfectly edible | Pack of 50 gm
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Dried Rose Petals

Divine Leaves Edible Rose Petals are precisely selected petals of Indian rose or desi gulab. Desi Gulab is commonly known, the most sweet-smelling flower, intense yet clam and soothing. Desi Gulab is also known as ‘Taruni” in Ayurveda which means ‘beauty beyond imagination’.

  • The perfect texture and sweetness of rose petals can be felt in every petal of Divine Leaves Edible Rose petals.
  • Rose petals are used worldwide as an immunity booster.
  • Divine Leaves Edible Rose petals can be used in making Rose Tea and they can also be used in cosmetics, rose water etc.
  • Divine Leaves Edible Rose petals can be used to make home Gulkand.
  • Divine Leaves Edible Rose petals can add rose flavour to your favourite desserts.
  • Rose petals have been used since centuries to treat stomach ailments and to combat fatigue and lethargy, also helps relieve stress.
  • Washing your face with rose-seeped water calms and soothes tired skin.
  • Divine Leaves Edible Rose petals can also be used for bathing or making any rose formulation for your home use.

Health benefits Dried Rose Petals

  • MAKES IMMUNE SYSTEM STRONGER & CURE SORE THROAT: Rose petals are a rich source of vitamin C, and a warm cup of rose tea is an effective home cure for sore throat. Plus, its Vitamin C content helps in fighting the infection in a better way, thus ensuring a faster relief from sore throat, runny nose and cold. It helps in improving the immunity power of your body. This, in turn, safeguards you from various health conditions.
  • HELPS IN RELIEVING PMS PAIN: One of the best ancient remedies for painful or heavy periods is rose tea, as it can not only help to regulate hormones and ease uterine congestion, but also eliminate cramping and mood swings that are often associated with PMS.
  • NATURAL STRESS BUSTER: Drink rose petals tea to mellow down your stress levels after a long day. It has a positive impact on balancing stress and emotional hormones by calming down your nervous system. Its calming properties can help you to unwind, ease your mind and even help you to get a good night’s sleep.
  • HELPS REDUCE WEIGHT LOSS: Overweight individuals can benefit from drinking a cup of the herbal remedy twice daily. This is because Rose tea is a natural zero-calorie drink that works to calm down your hunger pangs by giving the feeling of fullness, thus; making you feel fuller than you actually are, thus reducing your craving for food and promoting weight loss.


Use Edible Dry Rose petals in your tea or Herbal tea. It can also be used by making Rosewater or adding Edible Dry Rose petals to beverages, desserts and your favourite dishes.

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