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Divine Munch Pineapple Chips | Pack of 100g

Divine Munch Dried Pineapples/ Dehydrated Pineapples are 100% pure, natural dried Pineapples without any artificial ingredients. No more waiting for right season, just open the pack and enjoy the delicious divine taste of Pineapples whenever you want | Pack of 100gm
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Dried Pineapple | Dried Ananas

Made from finely selected fresh Pineapples which are thoroughly washed, sliced and slowly dehydrated using the world’s most energy-efficient and environment friendly dehydrator which ensures that the dried Pineapples have 100% natural taste and sweetness intact with the perfect texture.

  • Divine Munch dried Pineapples is your perfect Snacking partner. No matter if it’s summer or winter, you can now taste perfect delicious Pineapples anytime.
  • Divine Munch Dried Pineapples are the healthiest choice of snacks and ideal for all age groups.
  • Change to healthier snacking with Divine Munch and enjoy all the health benefits offered by perfectly dried Pineapples.
  • We are sure you won’t be able to put them down once you taste our Divine Much Dried Pineapples filled with sweetness and the taste of natural fresh Pineapples.


Divine munch Dried Pineapples are best for leisure snacking, and mid-day snacking and can be enjoyed for breakfast or as late-night munch.


  • Dried Pineapple
Customer Reviews:
fresh chips
its 100% natural fresh and healthy chips.   i love it.
Sonali Singh, Chandigarh | 1/8/2022 11:49 AM
taste is very good and fresh pine apple... recommended
Sonali Singh, Chandigarh | 1/8/2022 11:45 AM
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