In todays hectic life tracking your fitness level is very important. To cope with stress, anxiety and unhealthy life style related problems it’s important for us to track our fitness level regularly.

Fitness of an individual can be easily tracked by evaluation your BMI and BMR regularly. Tracking your fitness level helps to understand your health status and thereby you can avoid health related issues by making necessary changes to your lifestyle.

Keep track of your progress

With our fitness Checker you can check your Body Mass Index (BMI) and BMR ( Basal metabolic Rate) of your body which can give you an exact idea of your physical fitness level and can also help you set your Goals to improve you body health.

Helps to plan your fitness

If you are planning to set up fitness goals to either reduce weight, Increase weight or even manage diabetes by burning more glucose, our BMI (Body Mass Index) checker can be a handy Tool for you. BMR gives you approximate calories that you burn every day and with this information you can easily decide your calories intake for weight Loss or weight gain.

Helps in setting achievable goals

To achieve your set health targets, you need to set realistic goals that can be achieved easily. If you are looking for weight loss you cannot loose weight if you have sedentary life without any exercise. However, if you use our fitness checker, it will help you set and achieve realistic achievable goals within the recommended time frame. It shall also you be motivated and not quit midway.

Monitoring your health

Indulging yourself in self-care is the best practice to achieve good health  and tracking your fitness level is the first step. Fitness checker lets you watch and analyse your BMI (Body Mass Index) and BMR. Self-tracking helps you to stick to a healthier diet plan, exercise more as per schedule and sleep better.

User friendly fitness checker

Regular use of fitness checker helps you monitor changes in your BMI (Body Mass Index), Helps you set your calorie intake goals helping you plan your daily workouts and makes them achievable.