Essence Premium Herbal Tea

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BLUE BASIL PUNCH | Essence Premium Butterfly Pea + Basil Herbal Tea | 30g

Detox your body every day with Blue Basil Punch.
₹ 625.00

BLUE DETOX | Essence Premium Butterfly Pea + Green Herbal Tea | 30g

Looking to Detox your body every day. Blue Detox is the perfect solution.
₹ 475.00

BLUE LEMON | Essence Premium Butterfly Pea + Lemon Grass Herbal Tea | 30g

Blue Lemon, Butterfly Pea Flower and Lemon Grass herbal Tea is a surprisingly fresh herbal tea fusion of the floral, mildly sweet palatable, delightful, and pleasing flavour of Butterfly Pea flower along with the fresh glorious, classy flavour of Lemon Grass.
₹ 575.00

BLUE MAGIC | Essence Premium Butterfly Pea Herbal Tea | Blue Tea | 30g

Blue Magic, Butterfly Pea Flower Tea, also popularly called “Blue Tea” has a floral, mildly sweet flavour which is surprisingly very refreshing.
₹ 525.00

DIVINE CALM | Essence Premium Lavender + Chamomile Herbal Tea | 30g

Divine Calm is a perfect blend of Chamomile and Lavender Tea making it the perfect choice for anxiety-relieving, relaxing and calming your mind and body.
₹ 480.00

EXOTIC PEACE | Essence Premium Chamomile + Green Herbal Tea | 30g

Exotic Peace, Divine Leaves Chamomile Green Tea brings to you all the goodness and benefits of Chamomile Flower blended with perfect premium Assam green tea ensuring an aromatic taste and providing a silky mouthfeel with a rich and gentle floral melodious taste.
₹ 475.00