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Very good product
Very good product. It is perfect to use in Low Carb recipes. With zero calories, Divine leaves sweeteners are a good option for people watching their weight. Unlike some artificial sweeteners, there is no evidence to date showing that Divine Leaves Keto Diet Plus has negative side effects
My best partner in Keto diet
No after taste of stevia in this brand which I felt in other brands .. it is good substitute of sugar but remember it is contains more sweetness than sugar so use amount according your preference.
Like it
I like it
Excellent Product
I really like it. I almost always baked with Divine Leaves KETO Diet Plus for making keto cookies and meringue cookies. My meringue is very nice and stable comparable to meringue that is made from real sugar. I am glad I order it :)
Good Product
Good Product by Divine Leaves
Good Product
I’ve been following the keto diet for a few months now, and I recently started using stevia sweetener to satisfy my sweet tooth. I am glad I found this product…
Overall Good Product
Great product overall. I have ordered from Divine Leaves a lot and most of their products are good.There is no aftertaste here that I really enjoy.. I also purchase their herbal teas they are amazing…and have unique blends.
Beyond expectation product ??
I love that it’s all natural and doesn’t have any aftertaste. It is great to use in baking, coffee, and tea. And best sugar substitute.
Amazing Product
I’ve been hesitant to try the keto diet, but I decided to give it a shot with the help of stevia sweetener.
Best Sugar Subsitute!!!
It is the best sugar substitute! But little pricey! I like the taste, need to add quite a bit to get the required sweetness as I use it only for desserts or cereals- not for sweetening my tea or coffee! The quantity I use makes it a costly sugar substitute! It works out quite costly
nice keto diet
i am using this and very happy with this result. my colleague has suggested me as his doctor was suggested him . it very helpful in diet..very Happy
good keto diet
my dietitian has suggested me for divine leave keto diet and when i used this . now i can say its perfect keto . no harmful , zero calorie  
fantastic product
used this, zero carb , zero calorie . perfect for diet purpose .
keto diet plus
its very good product because i has zero carb and zero calorie and 100 percent natural sweeteners. i strongly recommended.
Ideal for weight Loss
I used it for my Keto Diet plan to sweeten my beverages. The taste was just like sugar. I enjoy the sweetness with out adding any carbs to my diet. wonderful product.
Perfect Product
This sweetener blend is really good for baking. It tastes similar to sugar and it is easier to work with compared to the classic blend..