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delicate product!!!
This product is excellent. The potent fragrance and flavor of this purple basil is light years beyond any dry basil I have ever used. I have run commercial kitchens for many years and wish that I had found this sooner!
I liked this, and there were no twigs and stems in it. It was properly cleaned which I like most..
Best product!!!
I used it for brewing tea. I add a little stinging nettle for a excellent tea for your liver and kidneys. Have great flavor! Highly recommended.
superb product!!!
Thank you for a great product!
Best product!!!
I am so glad I discovered these purple basil leaves. These are being my forever recipe secret….
awesome taste!!!
I am completely satisfied with everything from taste flavor and price…everything is perfect about this product!
Best product !!!
I am going to use this product forever. Extremely happy that I found it. Love it. Thank you very much!
good product!!!
I highly recommend these purple basil leaves for anyone looking to add a new flavor dimension to their cooking
good flavor product!!!
I have notice a difference in the quality and flavor of my dishes since I started using these purple basil leaves.
dry purple tulsi
its very good and fresh tulsi. recommended
its same like our house basil. i am loving this.
ultimate quality
superb quality ..recommended
Unique strong taste
Very hard to find this quality purple basil. Very strong flavour. Must try.... awesome product.
I appreciate that these purple basil leaves are grown sustainably and free from any harmful additives…I Highly recommend it to everyone!