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5.0 out of 5 stars Really helpful!!!
I really love this tea it is really good thanks to divine leaves. I drink it twice a day. The perfect blend of herbs. Tastes amazing. highly recommend this.
Taste supeerrr!
Super…no doubt
Very good taste, it taste like lemon tea..... enjoying it.. amazing
It has  Thoda khattta taste somehow you will feel lemon taste..Packaging is very well......Light redish colour...Feeling and energetic
Best Flavor Hibiscus petals for weight loss
Best natural dry hibiscus petals for weight loss and Blood pressure. Does not have any side effects!’ ,4.5,1,1,dateadd(day,-16,GETDATE()),0,0,0)
Tasty and very much beneficial
It taste amazing, and contains the amazing quality of hibiscus…It is really very effective.
5.0 out of 5 stars Worth buying this dry hibiscus petals
Best Divine Leaves tea worth buying. Fresh and good packaging. Realizing the good side after consuming every day 2 -3 times as suggested .
Good product
It is good for health  no side effects really liked the product.
Great taste
It is not only to make tea. What it is though, is an awesome dried like fruit, I think you could compare it to fruit leather. Divine Leaves Dry Hibiscus Petals are amazing and they are my favorite… After a ton of searching, I found this to be the next best thing, and very worth it for the price considering. I recommend it if you want something sweet and unique and like to chew a little bit. Definitely get this.
Love hibiscus tea
My fourth purchase I really really love this!!!
genuine hibiscus

very hard to find out the genuine hibiscus also good immunity booster
Superb Product
use this . its very good quality. natural and immunity booster products.
I am very fitness conscious. My Dietitian suggest me to use Hibiscus tea to detox my body. Tried hibiscus tea and found the taste & colour was awesome and feel energetic .
Loved it!
Amazing product!!