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One great tasting ingredient - apples!
Bare Natural Apple Chips and I could eat the whole bag given time. They do not taste dry and have the right amount of tooth pack. Good apple taste. Keep in mind that one serving is 2/3 cup, which is plenty. I would highly recommend this and I will be buying it again.
very difficult to find out the healthy and natural product. but Divine Munch apple is a healthy and natural product
Perfect Healthy Snack!
This is an honest non paid for non free item given review. We LOVE these! We first ordered it from amazon then when we get to know about their website we always ordered it from hereā€¦Not much to say other than they are dried apple snacks! Crunchy, flavorful. Great fiber! Almost as thin and chips! We will eat them like they are a bag of chips but have no guilt afterwards!! 5 Stars for yummy-ness and the price is not to bad for what they are. Dried fruits are expensive no matter where you get them as you know.