Divine Leaves Pure Fructose | Pack of 500g

Divine Leaves Pure Fructose is non-GMO, Beet Sugar / Fruits based crystalline Fructose, which is a nutritive sweetener widely used worldwide in Food, Beverages, Desserts and for Baking | Pack of 500 gm
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Divine Leaves Pure Fructose

Divine Leaves Pure fructose has a low glycemic index, high natural sweetness potency, fruity flavour enhancement, non-insulin dependent on digestion and many more.

  • Divine Leaves Pure fructose is approx 1.5 times sweeter than table sugar, so you need less quantity of Divine Leaves Pure fructose to sweeten your favourite beverages, desserts and cakes.
  • Less quantity means less calories. Reduce your daily calorie intake upto 50% by replacing regular sugar with Divine Leaves Pure Fructose.
  • Divine Leaves Pure fructose does not cause a rapid rise and subsequent large fall in blood glucose levels, which means it has a low glycemic load or glycemic index.
  • It raises blood sugar levels slowly than glucose and does not appear to immediately increase insulin levels.
  • Fructose is ideal sweetener to produce low-calorie products.
  • It can be used in ice creams as it makes them softer, sweeter and spoon-able.
  • Fructose also enhances mineral absorption.
  • This can be very helpful for people who require increased levels of minerals, especially iron and calcium.
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